Greater Kami Edit

The most powerful kami are known as greater kami, and represent fundamental forces in the world.

O-Kagachi Edit

The greatest of the kami, O-Kagachi is the kami of the barrier, the divide between the mortal and spirit world, and has maintained the balance of Kamigawa for as long as any could remember. The barrier has since been brought down, and the Kami War began.

Myojin Edit

The five myojin are among the greatest of the kami, second only to O-Kagachi itself. The five each have their own domains, each the embodiment of a quality of the mortal races, and conflict between the five is not uncommon much like the internal turmoil of the mortals. The myojin have seemingly not been involved in the Kami War, or at least have not revealed themselves.

Guardian Dragons Edit

The spirit dragons are the sworn protectors of the land and its people, each one watching over a part of the mortal world. Of all the greater kami, these are arguably the closest to the mortals. During the Kami War the Spirit Dragons have maintained their duty, protecting the mortals and standing watch over their domains.