Higure the Still Wind
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Vital statistics

Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Ninja master
Age 32
Alignment Neutral
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.77 m
Weight 78 kg

Higure, also known as the Still Wind, is a skillful ninja master belonging to the Temple of the Black Scroll.

Biography Edit

Born in a village nestled in a river valley among the Sokenzan, the one now known as Higure was a simple fisherman's son. Like many his age his village was attacked by the kami shortly after the war began. He hid under the family house as his father attempted to fend off the kami invaders. When he left his hiding spot a day later his village was utterly destroyed, with no sign of survivors or the kami. He walked for days down the river, only to find all the other villages having suffered the same fate. By scavenging and living in the ruins of the villages he managed to make his way out of the Sokenzan.

He joined the Temple of the Black Scroll not long after, studying under master Kagero, and learning the