Fumiko Ueda
Vital statistics

Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Ronin warlord
Age 28
Alignment Neutral
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.7 m
Weight 73 kg

Fumiko Ueda, also known as Fumiko the Lowblood, is a powerful ronin and warlord living in the Sokenzan. She is infamous for her savagery in combat and her intense hatred of the samurai of the daimyo Konda. She is known to be a loyal lieutenant of Godo, having been raised and trained by him.

Biography Edit

Born to a minor noble and samurai in a village in the Sokenzan mountains called Naro. Fumiko's father was a loyal samurai to the daimyo Konda and charged with the management and security of the village. Soon after the Kami War began the villages in the Sokenzan started to experience kami attacks. Fumiko's father sent several request for aid to Eiganjo Castle as the kami threatened Naro. He managed to defend the village for a year against minor kami attacks with a small militia of men.

However after a year without any response the village was eventually beset by a horde of kami, who created an avalanche, burying half the village. Knowing the village to be lost, Fumiko's father and the rest of the militia evacuate the remaining people, covering the escape. Through their efforts most of the villagers not killed by the avalanche, including Fumiko, manage to escape, though most of the militia died or were severely wounded. Fumiko's father is one of the wounded, and after a day, succumbed to his wound and died.

The ten year old Fumiko takes the daisho of his father, an old but well maintained katana with a black blade and red grip and a matching wakazashi and swore to become a samurai.