Many creatures live naturally within Kamigawa, many of these are ordinary creatures such as bears, weasels, wolves and serows. Among these are also more fantastical animals, though even these are ordinary compared to the otherworldly appearance of the kami, and can be easily identified as such.

Dun Edit

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Godo leading the charge on his dun.

Duns are large yak like creatures with two pairs of large curled horns. They are native to the Sokenzan mountains and are the primary pack beasts and food source of the villages living high in the mountains, providing milk, meat as well as fur. Domesticated female dun are fairly docile, but males have a strong aggressive streak. As such large male duns are used as combat mounts, with particularly large dun being prized among warriors, and the largest dun are usually reserved for the warlords. Still their unruly nature means that it can be difficult to control them.

Use stats for rhinoceros (MM pg 336) for dun war mounts.

Giant Moths Edit


A samurai riding a giant moth.

The giant moths live around Eiganjo Castle and the surrounding plains. These animals are largely harmless and can be domesticated. The domesticated moths act as flying mounts for the samurai of Eiganjo Castle. The training process for a moth to become an effective mount is difficult, even more so for moth which are intended to be used in war. As such the domesticated moths are not very common, and almost exclusively given to veteran samurai or those on urgent business for the daimyo himself

Use statistic for giant fly (DMG pg 169) for giant moths.

Ogres Edit

Ogres, or o-bakemono, are large humanoids who dwell in secluded places of the world. Ogres often worship the oni, dark, destructive demon spirits. Some take a particular oni as a patron, providing sacrifices in its name or even attempting to bring them back into the world. As a result most ogres are cruel and violent much like the oni they worship. Despite their large size and brutish appearance, most ogres are about as smart as the average human, and many are quite intelligent.

Most people avoid ogres, though some shadier people and organisations hire ogres for their knowledge of ancient blood magics or simply as muscle. Still, ogres are rare in civilised regions of the world as their work for their dark masters often requires seclusion and secrecy.