Akki are little hunched creatures with hard, spiky shells on their backs. Among the other races they have a reputation for being violent and mischievous. Akki pranks are renowned for causing great havoc and destruction, whether intentional or not. The akki tend to live in cave dwelling communities in the mountains away from other races, and most people avoid akki controlled territory for fear of akki traps and raids. They have a strong natural curiosity, though their utter lack of safety in most of their experimentation means the akki tend to lead short lives.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Akki are small and hunched creatures with monstrous features and a hard shell on their back. Akki have long pointy noses, small eyes, many sharp teeth and no visible ears. From their forehead protrudes two small horns. Their eyes tend to be blue or green, contrasting their leathery hides which usually range from crimson to earthly browns. Their hunched stature usually stands at between 0.9 to 1 m tall. Despite their size they actually have a surprising weight, usually ranging from 30 to 35 kg. Their bodies are broad for their size, and their arms are long and lanky, with long clawed fingers are the end of their hands used for digging. Their bodies are entirely hairless, as such things would just be a liability when exposed to fire.

Their shell covers their backs, and are covered in spikes and appear the same colour as their skin. Akki shells are exceptionally hard and resistant to heat, which is essential for allowing the akki to survive their day to day life. Their skin is also much tougher than those of other races.

Lifespan Edit

Akki live short lives, with lifespans rarely exceeding 40 years even under the best of circumstances. Most live about 10 years before perishing one way of another. This is made up for not only by their rapid reproduction, but also their quick growth. Their children are born with a full set of teeth, allowing them to eat solid foods immediately, and it only take about 5 years before akki reach their full size. Akki over the age of 20 are seen as old, and often take up senior positions in their tribes. Old akki tend to develop wrinkly skin around this age.

Culture Edit

Akki culture varies greatly from community to community, though they do share some similarities. Most akki live in large cave complexes as part of a tribe. Each tribe has often lived in the same caves for generations. These cave structures, a combination of natural tunnels and generations of digging, usually go deep into the mountains, often connecting to pools of magma which are used to heat the tunnels and keep out the cold winters of the mountains.

Most tribes have a few shaman, usually specialising